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Zawadi is a Swahili term meaning “gift”. This brand is a celebration of African culture in all aspects. It's a showcase of the beauty and diversity in prints, that capture and represent the essence of various African countries. It's Africa’s gift to You! 


The zawadi woman 

Our designs are created for the modern woman who is cultured, captivating, and confident. Indulge and claim your power when you rock these sets!

Our designer 

Born in Kenya and partially raised in the U.S, our designer has a unique perspective of integrating culture into modern wear. Inspired by prints from various African countries such as Ghana,Nigeria, Mali, and Kenya, She has revolutionized the role of African Print by integrating it into modern sportswear. With the intention to expand on prints and showcase collections inspired by other African Regions, she is eager to share the gift of Africa and design with the world.


Our Prints 

From subtle to bold, our designer has selected each print and curated every detail of design to create unique and comfortable pieces that every woman can feel and look confident when wearing. 


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